The family came to Brightleigh Farm, Outwood in 1959 when Jim Brunton started a dairy herd with 8 Ayrshire cows brought down from Ayrshire, Scotland. He built the herd up to 100 cows, changing breed to Friesians in the early 70’s. This continued until the poor milk price forced us to sell the dairy herd and cease milk production in 1999. The beef suckler herd was then established with Hereford cross Friesian heifers born from dairy cows.


The farm is now run by mother and daughter partnership Anne Brunton and Penny Vaughan. The beef herd is mainly Hereford and Angus cattle. The cattle spend most of the year grazing in the fields, only spending the worst winter months inside feeding on home grown hay and silage. We have high animal welfare standards and welcome visitors to see for themselves.
Although not certified organic, the farm is run on organic principles. No artificial fertilisers or sprays are used and the grassland is managed to encourage wildlife and biodiversity.

Our dry-aged beef is hung for 21-28 days, then butchered and vacuum packed by Countryside Meats, Forest Green, Surrey. It is then brought back to the farm for customer collection.